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  • 2021-01-08
    Me parece muy fuerte, cuando vi el video de como armarla, lo hice con rapidez. Pesa muy poco. Además se balancea ligeramente. La recomiendo.
  • 2020-10-30
    After hiking 13 miles and setting up camp, it was awesome seeing my travel commissions faced when I pulled out my chair. The confusion on their faces as I removed the small bag from my backpack. They were busily findings rocks or reading their site bodies onto the ground. No, not it. With ease and simplicity, my chair was assembled in just a few minutes. Well worth the couple of pounds it added. I was not sure if this brand at first and looking at a more expensive will know brand. After my experience, I would purchase again. My travel companions will be purchasing before next time.
  • 2020-10-27
    Used on a recent backpacking/camping trip. Strapped the included storage pack to the bottom of my backpack, and it was out of sight, out of mind. Got to camp, set it right up, and was relaxing in no time. My buddy had a much more expensive high end chair that was lighter and had an included ground mat (for stability in loose soil, I presume), but didn’t otherwise appear to be that different. Unless you want to shell out the big bucks for an ultra-light chair, this one is plenty light for most users, and makes for a great seat for resting trail-weary legs. Highly recommend.
  • 2020-09-17
    I was happily surprised how comfortable this chair is. I was skeptical because of how small it folds up that it wouldn’t be comfortable. It folds up small enough to fit perfectly inside my backpack without taking up excessive room.
  • 2020-08-29
    Currently sitting in it as I type this! Had been wanting one of these for my motorcycle camping trips cause they’re super lightweight and small enough to strap on my bike with my other stuff. Was looking at On my way! Of the big named brands that were around $100 a chair and decided to give this one a try and I’m so glad I did! Super comfortable, sturdy, easy to setup, lightweight, and compact. Love it
  • 2020-08-18
    LOVE this chair! I was looking for a lightweight chair with a back to take on backpacking trips up in the mountains — but I didn’t want to spend a lot of money. I was skeptical of this chair due to the low price tag, but I’m so happy I bought it. At 5’10” and 145lbs, the chair fits my body perfectly, offering comfort after a long and hard hike. The weight, at 2 lbs, is light enough for me to trek around in my backpack too. As the chair is heavier than the 1 lb chair that REIs sells, I thought I would be bummed about the weight, but that extra weight actually offers more steadiness than the lighter version.
  • 2020-06-11
    Provided great comfort and pack-ability for our trip into the BWCA.
  • 2020-06-10
    Bought these on a whim. The reviews where really good and lots of them. We took them on a 4 day rafting trip in Western Colorado and Utah. I wanted a smaller chair that would pack well, this seemed to fit the bill. Very comfortable, sturdy and seems durable. My kids like to rock in their chairs and these seemed to hold up well to our teenagers. I am 6'1 200 lbs and I was comfortable as well. Comparable to $50 chairs you find in the name brand stores. Very satisfied, I need one more to finish up the set for our family.
  • 2020-06-08
    So this is the 2nd time I have taken the chair out. And its simply a great compact travel chair. I'm 5'10 and 233lbs and the chair doesn't move at all when I sit in it. Folds up compact and fits in my backpack and doesn't take up about half my 25L pack. The 2-lb isn't really noticeable at all. Simply I really like this chair and can't wait to take it camping this month.
  • 2020-01-16
    I recently took this chair with me on a camping trip and it was awesome. It’s very lightweight and compact making it super easy to grab and use on the go. It works great for me but I was really impressed with how much my boyfriend loved it as he is 6’4”. I’m very happy with this purchase and plan on using it all the time since it can fit in my purse.
  • 2019-09-28
    Pretty great chair and super comfortable to sit in. I will say if you are not the strongest person it is a little tough to put together because it has tough elastic on all corners, but over time it should get easier.
  • 2019-09-26
    Dare I say it? This is sturdier than my Helinox Zero. And at a fraction of the price. Sure, it's heavier but not too heavy though. It's still portable. And the price makes it hurt less if I lose it or have to give it away when I enter the concert after sitting in line for hours to get front row general admission and they don't allow it indoors...
  • 2019-08-25
    The Sunyear Lightweight Compact Folding Chair worked great for a over night kayak camping trip. It was easy to set up, just unstrap the Velcro strap, the legs almost just fall into place. The material the seat is made out of is thicker than I expected and seams to be durable. I had no problems inserting the the aluminum tubes into the back and seat. it was comfortable and stable. the round feet worked perfect holding up on softer ground. I also used it to hold my camping gear in to keep it off the ground under the Rain-Fly tarp for my hammock.
    Great buy and worth having.
  • 2019-08-19
    These chairs are the best purchase we have made in a long time! We like to backpack but sitting on the ground or a log is just so uncomfortable. My husband has a back issue and sitting can cause serious pain. We used these chairs for a 4 night trip and he was pain free. They are worth the small amount of extra weight in our packs.
  • 2019-07-23
    Update Aug. 1st. : Seller contacted me and is sending a replacement under their 1 year warranty. Replacement chair arrived Aug. 9th. Rating now 5 stars.

    I received this as a Christmas gift last year (2018). Due to a leg injury, the chair was the best way for me to sit for any length of time into March. Watched a lot of movies while in the chair.

    I'm 5'10 , 180lbs. Found it comfortable for the size even with having sporadic lower back issues. It has now replaced my high-back folding chair for camping as it packs easy. It could be a hair deeper however.

    I could easily give the Sunyear folding chair five stars if not for one thing. The fabric has begun to separate at the seam where it meets the mesh area. This was evident in February. It hasn't given way yet, but I'm always mindful of it.
  • 2019-07-09
    Light weight. Easy to pack and carry. Served its purpose hiking in the Grand Canyon
  • 2019-06-28
    Bought this based upon how small it was when packed up.

    When I camp I always like a chair with back support so needed something small I could also lash onto my pack.

    This really worked perfect for me.

    Easy in every way and perfectly sturdy even with my 210 lb. frame.
  • 2018-11-14
    These are awesome chairs. Easily setup and taken down. Durable and works for my 260lb 6,4” size. It’s nit huge, but at a slight incline it’s pretty comfortable!
  • 2018-10-28
    Absolutely love this folding chair. I will use it on soft sandy soil so I made four foot stabilization pads. 4 X 4 with a 1 hole in plywood. The pads fit nicely in the case and don't add much weight. They make the chair very stable on hard surfaces as well. I hope the manufacturer adds something similar in the future.
  • 2018-05-13
    Great chair. Very comfortable and lightweight. I am a little on the heavier end of the weight limit and had no issues at all. In this picture I am sitting in the chair.